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There are several brushes that can be divided in 2 categories;

Natural brushes:
Among other things they are mostly made of horsehair and pig hair. The small ones are mainly used to paint paintings.

Synthetic brushes:
Mostly made of nylon. These are known as powder puffs, for waxing and for paint bas


Continue scratching by anal itching
Embarrassing, but mostly innocent

Anal itching (pruritus ani) is not a serious condition, but can be embarrassing and difficult to control. The itch is sometimes restricted to the area around the anus, but can also be a part of itching throughout the body. By olde

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This will keep your car cooler cheaper

In the past, when cars did not have air conditioning, we drove at high temperatures with the small windows open and towels clamped between the rear windows. Today, we have air conditioning, but also such air conditioning is of course not everything - if only b

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